Local payments, global platform

Our payments platform is built for ambitious business growth. We'll connect you with the latest technology, the right tools and revenue avenues so your business can thrive.


Built in redundancy

Stability is key to the Fat Zebra platform. We've built a payments engine that dynamically routes traffic to ensure you eliminate down time. One end point, multiple acquiring solutions means you always stay online.


Get ahead

Our ecosystem is constantly evolving. We operate at a fast pace to make sure one single integration today will futureproof your business.


Built in expertise

We work with the payments industry, from the Acquirers, Issuers, Payment Networks and local regulators


Everything you need

Our payments platform is built to accelerate your ambitions, whatever your business model.


Real-time data

Generate valuable, actionable business insights instantly with our live reporting and easy to manage dashboards.


Fat Zebra is fully compliant

We never compromise on security and have the highest standards of storing sensitive data safely.  We're always focussed on providing and maintaining the safest possible environment that protects all confidential cardholder information.

PCI DSS compliance

We are Level 1 PCI Compliant and offer integrations that manage the bulk of your PCI DSS requirements. By using our fully encrypted solutions, the raw cardholder data is never visible or accessible, dramatically reducing your PCI scope.

Data encryption

Leverage the latest in tokenisation technologies including MDES and VTS to ensure your customer’s data is always safe; while improving authorisation rates and removing another layer of your PCI requirements.

Separate environments

Our infrastructure for storing and encrypting card data runs on separate rails; keeping all credentials completely seperate from Fat Zebra's primary services.