Managing risk

Detect online fraud in real-time through our all-in-one payments platform. We offer customers of all business models the most advanced fraud protection by leveraging machine learning, sophisticated detection systems and encryption.

Fraud tools
Our suite of fraud prevention tools help detect fraud across multiple channels. Our platform unifies your data in one place, making it easier to optimise your eCommerce experience, expand your reach and protect your revenue – in every market.
Customer profiling
Automated chargebacks
SCA compliant

Forter helps build trust in e-commerce by eliminating fraud for online merchants and marketplaces. We partner with technology companies like Fat Zebra as we know they’re at the forefront of payments innovation. We have a shared commitment to expanding the e-commerce ecosystem – improving our customers' experience and making it more secure for everybody.

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Keep up-to-date with payment regulation

Ensure your business stays up-to-date with all payment compliance and regulatory changes. Our EMV 3D-Secure solution takes care of the compliance and keeps your transactions secure and flowing.