Web Developer

July 28, 2021

We are hiring! We’re looking for a Web Developer to join our team. While you may not have heard of our name, there’s every chance we’ve powered at least some of your online payments in the past decade. We’re going through an exciting growth period, and are seeking team members to join work on our Acquiring, Billing, Merchant Services and Risk platforms.

We are a small team who believe that a workplace should be relaxed, friendly and flexible. We are based Australia-wide, with an established remote-first culture. Sydney based staff may make use of the Surry Hills office (a short walk from Central train station).

About Fat Zebra

Fat Zebra - A payments platform for today's internet economy - is a Sydney-based Payment Services Gateway which connects merchants across the APAC region to Banks, Fraud Tools and billing platforms to simplify how they accept payments. We specialise in high volume, real time processing for ecommerce and mobile transactions.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Experience working alongside designers to turn UX /  Design templates into working web applications
  • Strong TypeScript / JavaScript experience.
  • Proficiency with modern tools like React, Redux, TypeScript and webpack.
  • Strong knowledge of modern HTML & CSS
  • Experience with at least one front end framework, preferably Bootstrap or Bulma
  • Experience building graphs & charts using Highcharts, D3 or similar.
  • Experience with Node
  • Experience in refactoring / modernising legacy front end code

Note: Fat Zebra engineers come from a varied set of backgrounds. If you’re deeply interested in or passionate about payments, and can demonstrate how you could help us deliver world class web experiences, reach out, even if you have not worked with the specific technologies listed.

Working At Fat Zebra

As a Fat Zebra web developer, you will work on delivering exceptional experiences for our merchants. You will have the opportunity to deep dive into cutting edge payments technologies and learn to become a subject matter expert.

Software Development

  • You will be responsible for the  implementation and extension of our customer-facing products, including PayNow, Merchant Dashboard and Reseller Dashboard.
  • Work alongside designers and back-end engineers to produce work according to requirements
  • Deliver high performance / scalable solutions
  • Design end-to-end solutions when delivering features.
  • Submit High Quality PRs
  • Review PRs to a high standard
  • Take part in business hours support duties

Our Principles

At Fat Zebra we believe in behaving in a professional & supportive manner. The payments industry is full of complex jargon and overloaded terminology. Mistakes are easy to make. We support both new and existing staff by working to the following principles:

  • Be polite. Interactions with peers are always kind. Argue against an idea - never against the person.
  • Be pragmatic. Seek to deliver on the bigger picture of generating value for our customers over perfection in code.
  • Be helpful. We believe the best work-places are ones where we know there is always someone available to help if we need it. Respond promptly when someone asks for help.
  • Be bold. Strive to go outside your comfort zone. We are a small team - and we frequently go into uncharted territory. Even if failure is possible, learning is guaranteed.

To apply

Please send your cv (.pdf, .txt, .doc) to jobs@fatzebra.com. Make sure to put the position you are applying for, along with your full name in the 'subject' of the email.